Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wanna Go For a Ride?

Smiling down at her slumberous eyes, he couldn’t help be turned on by the tiny pinkini that clung to her slender body. She’d been sunbathing in the warm California heat by his pool, drowsing to the backdrop of the waterfall’s soothing sound. “Sleep well, Angel?” He asked, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he lightly teased.

Turning her body to look up at him, forgetting that her top wasn’t fastened, Angel smiled up and yawned, “uh huh”, completely comfortable lying there with only the thong bottom still attached. “So what has you so cheerful?” She noticed immediately that not only was her darling rock star dressed in a pair of shorts and a filmy white shirt that hadn’t been buttoned, his shorts were heavily tented in the front. Her eyes were trained on that as she had spoken.

“Hey, my eyes are up here, darlin” he grinned, “although you’re not helping my concentration laying there half naked.”

Licking her lips delicately, she bit down on her bottom lip and a sensually evil glimmer appeared in her eyes, “I know how to distract it even more.”

He laughed lightly, “I’ll bet you do. Get up though, I have a surprise.” Offering his hand he helped her up and wrapped her kimono around her shoulders, “out front”. Still holding her hand he led her to the front of the sprawling home and beamed as he opened the door. Sitting in the drive in front of the door was a gleaming new pink Ferrari. “Wanna go for a ride?”

Squealing in delight, she ran out to the car running her fingers down the sleek hood and quickly opened the driver’s door to inspect the interior. Her favorite color was pink and he’d obviously special ordered the shimmering, crystal pink car for her for her birthday. Finding a state of the art stereo system inside along with a GPS system and a plethora of other high-tech gadgets, she giggled at his generosity. One thing nobody could say was that Richie was stingy. Satisfied, she climbed back out and scampered back to where he stood to give him a proper kiss of thanks before racing back in to get her drivers license.

When she got back outside, still dressed in only her bikini bottom and the kimono, she discovered that Richie was behind the driver’s seat and the car engine was humming in anticipation. Sighing she climbed in and looked forward to the ride.

He wheeled the car out of the drive and headed for the Pacific Coast Highway to put her through her paces. Knowing that the winding road would be the perfect place to show Angel what kind of speed, maneuverability and responsiveness the car had. She sat back and marveled at it, getting turned on by the way he handled the power of the vehicle that was roaring down the highway.

Watching him focus, feeling the intensity of his concentration was even more of an aphrodisiac. Squirming in her seat, her hand snaked down to his thigh, stroking it as he down shifted the engine, hearing his hiss as she casually unzipped his shorts and withdrew the thick purpling head of his rod from the constricting fabric. She was mildly surprised, however, much impressed by his unswerving attention to the road. Grinning to herself, aware that up ahead there was a decently long stretch of mostly straight road. Unfastening her seat belt, she slipped down on her seat and leaned across to where her goal was jutting from his shorts. His growled warning wasn’t enough to stop her.

Purring softly, her lips touched the very head of it, lightly dropping a feather soft kiss as her fingers stroked down his impressive length. Settling down in the awkward position caused by the stick shift located between the seats, her lips parted and the flat of her tongue lapped the silky flesh. Laving the entire head with it before nipping at the edges of its crown and taking it all into her mouth. Her tongue exploring every inch, every throbbing vein as she slid deeper onto him.

Richie forced himself to focus on the road and not the woman whose head was in his lap to keep from steering the expensive, sleek car down the side of the cliffs below them. He groaned when her tongue darted into the slit at the head of his dick, nearly closed his eyes as she engulfed it with her hot, wet, greedy mouth. Roared in satisfaction when she swallowed even more of him, bobbing up and down as she worked at giving him the ride of his life in her brand new car. Glancing down he noticed that her silk kimono had come loose and her beautiful perky breasts were free for his taking. Reaching down, he filled his hand with one of those full, heated orbs and began testing the weight, stroking the heated flesh, and finding that the more he played with her, the more intense the action in his lap. Biting down on his own lip, his eyes began searching for somewhere to pull off the road before he crashed.

Angel moaned when his long, talented fingers began rolling her nipple between them, and nearly bit down on him when he pinched it rather hard, streaking desire and need between her thighs to her very core. Vaguely aware that she was reclining on the front seat of her car covered by little more than a strip of material no wider than a postage stamp. His questing hand didn’t stop there, it followed the contours of her body and soon was stroking her bared hip, skimming downward under the edge of her thong. Swallowing at the invasion of his hand under her thong and just barely reaching the wet slit there, she wriggled closer to give him better access.

Chuckling at her movement that gave him just what he wanted, his fingers slipped into the folds of her heat and began stroking, finding the hidden bud within and teased it, listening to the hitch in her breathing as he took her attention away from what she was doing to him and refocusing it on what he was doing to her. His Angel was a sensual creature and turning her on and bringing her to orgasm was an easy task. Flicking against the sensitive nub, he felt her mouth more insistently on his throbbing cock and pulled over. Throwing the car into park, he gathered her closer, plunging two fingers deep inside her as her mouth slipped lower and then rose and dropped again on his shaft. “Oh god, Angel.” He moaned, stroking harder inside her, his thumb tormenting her clit while his fingers pushed further inside.

Tasting the salty, musky fluid of his engorged, thick hardness, she knew from experience that very soon he would lose control and the hot rush of liquid would flood her mouth and throat. Shuddering at the pleasure building inside her, she quickened her pace, wanting them both to reach culmination in tandem, screaming out his name when her orgasm spiked through her.


Her eyes fluttered open to discover she was laying spread eagle in the middle of his bed, his beard and mustache glistening from his ministrations, a wide grin sparking from his eyes as much as his lips. It took a moment to understand that her dream wasn’t real, yet the man who’d awakened her with a thorough tongue lashing at the apex of her thighs was very real. Lifting up onto his elbows, she could see the evidence of his arousal from making her come into an awaked state and she raised one eyebrow.

Smiling, Jack licked his lips, “wanna go for a ride?”